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Putting Atlas on CBD infused treats, has been one of the best decisions I have made for him. He is an incredibly happy dog and we never come home to accidents in the house anymore. I feel comfortable leaving him alone at home not worrying whether or not he’s going to be disturbing the neighbors or destroying the furniture.


Behavioural Changes (Aggression)

As new pets have been introduced into the household over the years, Charlie (as the OG alpha) has grown more and more aggressive towards them. Cannot wait to start him on his CBD infused wet food and have him be less stressed out over the other pets.


Behavioural Changes (Hiding)

Carlos is incredibly timid and is afraid of anybody that comes into the household. As he’s been taking his CBD treats he is much more welcoming and quickly realized that he has nothing to fear of the people entering the house. He is now very friendly and loves to get cuddled the people around him.


Inflammation (Other)

Whiskers is a young at heart type of kitty but still has a lot of spunk. CBD has helped immensely with his arthritis and occasional stomach inflammation, allowing him to keep enjoying playing and eating in his twilight years.


Depression, Lethargy, Pain (Other)

He deserves so much more, but he definitely has taught us what patience is, and we couldn’t be happier that we can provide a relatively pain free life for a cat who has lived with pain for so long.

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