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“Hemp is going to change the world.”

Hailing from Arizona, Les and Lisa Sanders know someone with a dog who can get abnormally anxious. But when that owner gave their dog, Sanders, a dose of Kush Kritters CBD tincture, his behavior returned to normal.

“The evidence is anecdotal but we are seeing that change happen,” says Les.

CBD tinctures for pets have been the sole focus for the three-year-old company that launched in 2016. The married couple – who own a farm in southeastern Arizona that is bustling with animals – sell their CBD tinctures out of the Superstitions Spring Mall in Mesa, but they’re looking to expand later this year.

What’s holding up their wider distribution strategy is the state of the banking relationship with cannabis companies. “Working with merchant services can be frustrating and the FDA keeps changing the rules on us,” Les says. “We don’t want to stock a large inventory until we know what we can and can’t do.”

What was encouraging to the Sanders was the passage of the U.S. Farm Bill in December, 2018, that also legalized the cultivation of hemp in the country. “That was huge for us, for the country!” Les enthuses. “Hemp is going to change the world.”

By using hemp-derived CBD in their tinctures, Kush Kritters is on the right side of the law, especially since they only include the max amount of THC in the product. “To have that entourage effect,” Les adds.

More veterinarians are getting on board with CBD use for sick pets, says Lisa. “But we want to stress that it’s still important to see your vet and use CBD as a supplement to what he or she also prescribes.”

Lisa knows about this side of healthcare: she has long been a caregiver, and says, “helping people is what I’m about and pets are my real love. We have five rescue dogs.”

Les comes from a mining background, managing large teams of miners, and he says one of the main challenges in running Kush Kritters is transitioning from working with groups of people to running a business with few folks. “I was in the military, too, and I miss that camaraderie, of being around that many people,” he says. “And another challenge is all the technological changes. Cannabis companies have to be aware of CRM and the right software and tools to manage your inventory.”

1. https://www.facebook.com/KushKritters/

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