Corey Nutrition has been committed to caring for pets for the last 30+ years. Founded in 1982 by Lee Corey, the Fredericton-based company has been setting the bar for quality and research ever since. As the first company in the world with safety protocols rigorous enough for human grade food, Corey is part pet food maker and part innovator.

Starting in the agri-food space, the family-owned company first produced pet food in the early 90s and its lineup now includes a number of premium varieties. Corey’s systems and vision has always been rooted in the earth, making it stand out among other pet food companies.

“We come from an industry where everything is measured, so what that means is that nutrition is very important,” says VP of Research & Development, Emily Corey. “We come from a nutrition-based background and we’ve applied that same philosophy to our pet food since we started.”

The company’s products include a lineup of premium grain and grain-free foods, namely Corey North Paw, Pro Series, and a specialized brand, Inukshuk – all of which have been conceived not only to help pets be healthy, but to thrive, Corey says. Some of these products are used by sled dogs and service and sniffer dogs because of their unique formulas.

Corey Nutrition Hopes to Help Pets with CBD Supplements
Most recently, Corey Nutrition has been crafting a lineup of CBD treats and dietary supplements. In line with the foods designed for working dogs, the CBD-based supplements, Corey believes, may well help animals feel pain-free after a long day of hunting, racing, catching or chasing.

“Many of these dogs are working dogs, and are out in the cold hunting duck for a full day only to then spend long hours in a truck, which can be really hard on their joints,” she says. “We see the CBD treats being used for chronic pain, arthritic dogs and even the average household pet that doesn’t travel well. CBD is known to help calm them down.”

While the Canadian government works on a framework for the sale and distribution of cannabinoid medicine for pets and animals, the Corey family is steadily preparing to introduce its new products to market. In an ideal world, Corey says, the CBD product line will launch by the end of 2019.

“We are in the process of deciding dosages and the exact combination of CBD we’d like the supplements to have,” she says. “There needs to be a consistent reliability to the dose. How we see that working is having cube-sized treats that have a specific dosage that is based on the weight of the animal.”

As one of the first companies in Canada readying to bring a legal cannabis-based product for pets to market, Corey Nutrition is again proving itself as a company willing to set precedent. Over the coming years, it’s the family’s hope that more and more pets will begin to benefit from CBD treats and supplements. 

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